HTC Apparently Not Queasy About Launching a Tablet with Android 2.x (makes sense to me)

The biggest mobile puzzle of 2010 (that continued into 2011) was the nearly inexplicable lack of an Android tablet response to the iPad’s success. It was difficult to understand why Google and its hardware partners failed to take advantage of Android’s huge success with smartphones by expanding into the tablet market. The lone Android tablet success was Samsung’s Galaxy Tab which launched near the end of 2010. Its success may be blunted, however, by the reported lack of a upgrade path to Android 3.0 which was specifically designed for tablets. Several manufacturers have stated they will wait for Android 3.0 before launching their Android based tablets.

HTC which has not made many (if any) major mobile device missteps in recent years is bucking this trend if rumors that emerged this week are true.

HTC to launch Flyer tablet PC in March (DigiTimes)

If the HTC Flyer is launched in March, it will not use Android OS 3.0 which is scheduled for release later in the year (June). HTC, like Samsung, does not appear to have a problem with selling a tablet based on Android OS 2.x. Based on what I’ve see on the Galaxy Tab and rooted Nook color, HTC is right. Android OS 2.x and its apps are fine on tablets.