HR Advice: Treat Freelancing Gig Like a Full-Time Job

It’s a tough gig when you join an organization as a freelancer. You’re not really a full-time part of the company, but you are there to help with the workload and produce great material. You’re also possibly (if not likely) on the look out for a full-time job, so you can only commit a specific amount of your time to the freelancing position.
However, Zagat‘s Director of Human Resources Emily Lerner Amico thinks the freelancer should consider the part-time position as an opportunity to show one’s worth.
“Treat it like a full-time position,” said Amico. “Show up on time and meet people while you are there.” She even suggested going to meetings and work events, so people in the company remember who you are.
This won’t necessarily lead to a full-time position immediately, but it could lead to one down the line. “The people here, we are really busy,” said Amico when talking about filling an open position with a freelancer. “We don’t want to go through a huge search… if we like them, we want to hire them.”
Amico didn’t want to talk about specific jobs, but she did say that Zagat has hired freelancers that the company really liked, once full-time positions opened up.
So maybe the freelancing stigma just needs a makeover. After all, there’s no better tryout than one while freelancing. You can eat the company’s food, drink the organization’s coffee and dig yourself into the fabric of the business. And just think, if you do it well enough, it could lead to full-time position (and health care!).