HP webOS on Desktop PCs in 2012? Microsoft Windows 7 on Tablets? What's Wrong with This Picture?

My unplanned topic theme for this fine March 10 morning appears to be mobile platforms beyond the smartphone. RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook and the disappearance (in name only) of Ubuntu Netbook Remix came up first. Next? HP’s webOS – which started out in life as Palm’s next generation smartphone platform. Here’s what Engadget reported:

WebOS will be on ‘every HP PC’ shipping next year, says CEO

If webOS is actually placed on every HP PC shipped in 2012 (mostly like as a parallel installation with Microsoft Windows), it will still be a blow to Microsoft from one its oldest and largest hardware partners.

The appearance of a mobile device platform like webOS on a desktop PC presents an interesting counterpoint to Microsoft’s current strategy of using their desktop Windows 7 platform on tablets. Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and HP/Palm’s webOS are all lightweight mobile operating system migrating to larger hardware. Microsoft is the lone player with the opposite strategy.