HP Veer & Pre3 webOS Phones: No Price, No Firm Launch Date, No Hope Against the iPhone 5?

The HP TouchPad webOS-based tablet received most of the buzz yesterday. However, HP also announced two other webOS products.

HP Veer

HP Pre3

The Veer is a tiny phone (3.5-inches tall) with a 2.6-inch display (320×400 pixels) and a pull-down QWERTY keyboard. It has a 5 megapixel camera (but no front-facing webcam), 8GB memory (6.5 available for use) and can be used as a mobile hotspot. The word “veer” means a change in direction. I’m not sure I see much of a change of direction in this product aside from its small size. It will be available sometime this Spring for an unspecified price.

The Pre3 (I’m not going to bother superscripting the “3”) is essentially a bigger version of the Veer. The Pre3 has a larger but not huge display by today’s standards: 3.58-inch with a 480×800 pixel resolution. It has a 5 megapixel rear camera and, unlike the Veer, a 640×480 pixel front facing webcam. Neither the Veer nor the Pre3 provides NFC (Near Field Communications) support. Models with 8 or 16GB storage will be available. Its availability is listed as sometime this summer. No price information is available.

Given the lack of “wow” hardware features, the Veer and Pre3 need to be in the $75 to $125 price tiers in order to draw attention to themselves. And, given their launch schedule, they will be competing with Apple’s next generation iPhone 5. This does not paint a pretty picture for their futures.