HP TouchPad Reading, Free eBooks & PDF Conversion: Top eBook Stories of the Week

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are the most popular headlines of the week–ranging from the most popular free book apps to PDF conversion to how to read eBooks on your new HP TouchPad.

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1. Free eBooks of the Week
2. How to Convert EPub Books for use on Kindle
3. Finkelstein Thompson Files Class Action Suit Against Apple
4. How To Convert PDFs to ePub or Kindle Files
5. How to Read eBooks on the HP TouchPad
6. 5 Free eBooks to Go Back-To-School
7. Most Pirated eBooks Are Downloaded by Argumentative and Suspicious Folks
8. Books-A-Million Begins Moving Into Former Borders Stores
9. Top 20 Free Book Apps of the Week
10. Have You ever Wondered if You Can Legally Share That eBook?