HP Slate Debuts During CES Keynote

The big talk of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s CES keynote speech, at least in eBook circles, is the HP Slate, a windows tablet that Ballmer showed off during his talk. He called this device, as well as two others–from Pegatron and Archos–he had on stage, “almost as portable as a phone and as powerful as a PC running Windows 7.”

Ballmer demoed the HP Slate running the Kindle PC app with ‘Twilight’ on screen, so obviously eReading is on Microsoft and HP’s minds. He also surfed over to Amazon and downloaded an eBook.

Ballmer didn’t offer any tech specs on the three devices–in fact, he only gave the manufacturers’ names–but blogs like Engadget were quick to snap up press photos and what little analysis they could come up with. It’s a multitouch device with gaming capabilities. Check Engadget for a rather dramatic teaser video from HP.