HP Says webOS Slate on the Drawing Board With No Firm Ship Date: iPads Keep Selling by the Millions in the Meantime

Speaking of a Microsoft slate (tablet) type product, remember the Windows 7 based HP Slate that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed off during CES in January? That product never materialized. In the meantime, HP bought the failing Palm and its webOS platform. Wired.com’s Gadget Lab confirms what we’ve heard since that purchase:
Palm webOS Headed to HP Tablet, Printer
There are a couple of unexciting Android tablets out now that offer no competition for Apple’s iPad. Microsoft says they will have a Windows 7 based slate device before the end of the year. HP doesn’t have a timetable for their webOS powered slate device. In the meantime, Apple is apparently selling something like 2 million iPads per month. They may have 10 million iPads out the door before Android, Windows 7, and webOS competitiors even appear.