HP Palm Pre 2: Hostile Sign-up Process to Initiate the Phone?

Palm launched the original Palm Pre line in 2009. It developed a small but loyal group of admirers but not enough to save Palm. Palm is now part of HP and relaunched its webOS powered line with the Palm Pre 2 this month. Mobile web developer Peter-Paul Koch bought a Pre 2 to take a closer look at its WebKit powered interface. However, if his initial start-up process experience is a typical one, the Pre 2’s future might not be very bright. He write about this experience on his blog Quirksmode.org:

Palm’s amazingly user-hostile sign-up process

There are really two main complaints:

1. Initial phone use is gated by a sign-up process.
2. Using an existing account (and old one) with a forgotten password leads to more difficulty than should exist.

Check out his blog for the full detailed description of the sign-up process. Can any other new Pre 2 owners confirm Peter-Paul Koch’s report?