HP Jettisons webOS Phones & TouchPad Tablet. Which Tablet is Next to Go?

In the tradition of the late great Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent providing answers before the question is asked.

Answer: “Jornada, iPaq, webOS”.

Question: “Name three mobile brands HP has killed”.

HP developed the Jornada brand out of the LX series of MS-DOS (initially) and Windows CE Handheld PCs and Palm-sized PCs. HP got the iPAQ when it purchased Compaq. And, of course, HP bought Palm specifically to get its webOS mobile platform that had already failed to catch on with consumers. It looks like webOS is done for again. And, HP now has three mobile brand strikes and may get out of the computer hardware business altogether.

HP Confirms Discussions with Autonomy Corporation plc Regarding Possible Business Combination; Makes Other Announcements (BusinessWire)

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HP to Pay $10.3B for Autonomy, May Spin Off PCs (Bloomberg)

HP’s exit will not exactly leave a hole in the smartphone and tablet ecosystems. Neither the TouchPad tablet nor the various webOS based phones had much marketshare. The tablet market extremely fragmented today much like desktop computers were decades ago. We will continue to see tablet platforms exit as the market consolidates to two or, perhaps, three surviving platforms.