HP Dumped Android Tablet Product. Is a webOS Based Palm Foleo 2 Next Up to Bat?

In my comments about Acer’s plan to ship Android based tablets by the end of the year, I wrote:

Android tablets seem to be one of those products that everyone has an announcement for but no one has actually delivered anything substantial. Yes, I know about the Archos Home Internet Tablet (I cancelled my pre-order after learning it shipped with Android OS 1.5 and did not provide multi-touch). And, yes, I’ve read about the various Android tablets by companies I’ve never heard of and will probably never hear of again. But, where are the big names? Dell Streak anyone? HP Slate?

Acer Plans to Ship Android Tablet in 4Q2010 with Old Version of Android

Well, it looks like we can scratch an Android based HP Slate from the list:

Exclusive: HP’s Android Tablet Tabled (All Things Digital)

The Android powered HP Slate joined the Windows 7 powered HP Slate in the design trash heap. That is a shame since I consider Android to be an excellent platform for slate type devices. All Things D speculates that HP will focus their efforts on building a tablet using the webOS platform they got when they bought Palm. I’m not too keen on this idea. But, on the bright side, HP has a good name they can use for the Palm webOS based product: Palm Foleo 2 (old timers may now smirk). Newbies can refer to the Wikipedia entry for Palm Foleo.