HOWTO: View All Of Your @Mentions, Minus The Retweets

If you’re a prolific tweeter, you no doubt get dozens of retweets a day. And while that might boost your self-esteem, it can also cause a problem: since retweets usually include your username (at least old style retweets do), too many of them can mean actual @mentions get lost in the mix.

Here’s how to view all of your @mentions, but filter out the retweets, so you can focus on the accounts who are actually engaging you in conversations.

Finding your @mentions that aren’t retweets requires a little Twitter advanced search know-how.

First, visit Twitter’s advanced search and either enter your username in the “All of these words” field or “Mentioning these accounts” field, or follow Shea’s instructions here for an even more complete view of your @mentions.

Next, move your cursor down to “None of these words”. In order to eliminate the bulk of your retweets from these search results, enter the following:

RT, via

Those are the two most common ways that people on Twitter indicate something has been retweeted. RT simply means retweet, and via is also sometimes used to indicate that the content came from someone else.

And that’s all there is to it! Just click “Search” at the bottom of the page, and you’ll have yourself a search which shows you all @mentions without retweets.

I suggest you either save this search on or copy and paste it into whichever Twitter dashboard you use. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on this search, especially if you see dozens of retweets per day or more, so you don’t miss out on any conversations that others want to start with you.