HOWTO: Send Old Style Retweets From #NewTwitter

#NewTwitter does a lot of things right (like a larger content area and an in-depth details panel), but one thing it arguably misses the mark on is the ever-present retweet. Retweets used to be a way to share someone else’s tweet and add your own thoughts to it, but with #NewTwitter, you are only given the option to basically “forward” a tweet to your followers – you can’t edit it in any way.

This has frustrated many long-time Twitter fans, and many of them have been hard at work coming up with workarounds. We’ve written before about how to create old-style, editable retweets in HootSuite, but not everyone uses HootSuite as their dashboard. Now, we’ve got our hands on a sleek and simple browser plugin that will let you publish old-style retweets right from #NewTwitter. Check it out below.

Classic Retweet is the creation of Jon Pierce (@jonpierce), a self-described “hacker, entrepreneur and beer snob.”

Classic Retweet is a browser plugin currently available for Chrome and Firefox. Once installed, it will give you the option to write classic, or old, style retweets right from, even after you’ve made the (now mandatory) switch to #NewTwitter.

When you hover over a tweet, the option to “Classic RT” will appear in between “Retweet” and “Reply”. If you click this option, a window will pop up which includes the original tweet, the “RT @username”, and the ability for you to edit the text box to add your own thoughts and opinions. Check it out in action below:

If you’ve been struggling to find a way to send out old style retweets from #NewTwitter, here it is. Classic Retweet is simple, smooth, and it works!

Hat tip: @TweetSmarter