Howie Kurtz Didn’t Stay At A Holiday Inn Express Last Night


A notably testy Howie Kurtz pressed Politico’s John Harris, Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut and National Journal’s Linda Douglass on today’s “Reliable Sources“:

Kurtz to Harris: “Why would journalists, who love predicting how these things are going to turn out, perpetuate a fantasy? …

“But John Harris, if the race is such make-believe, which is to say, you know, that there’s no chance for Hillary to win, why is Politico continuing to run hundreds of news stories and columns and items and blogs about the Democratic race? It seems like you’re not practicing what you preach.”

Kurtz to Kornblut: “It almost seems like you and your colleagues elsewhere have kind of hijacked the campaign. Now it’s only about Hillary Clinton’s intentions and how can she possibly win?”

Kurtz to Harris: “Weren’t a lot of reporters — weren’t a lot of reporters writing about that? I mean, the tone of the piece was almost like you were the first ones to come up with this divine revelation.”

It was enough to make Harris snap back:

    Howard, The Politico isn’t an oracle that makes papal pronouncements or something like that. …

    But Howard, you’re doing the show, showing all the clips of people that picked up and cited that case. So it must have been something that was worth saying. You should answer the question, rather than me.

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