Howie Kurtz Demonstrates Vast Knowledge By Interviewing ABC’s Jake Tapper

The one thing you’ll know after watching Howard Kurtz‘ interview with ABC Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper is that Kurtz already knows everything. Kurtz, Washington Bureau Chief for The Daily Beast and host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” guides Tapper through answers to his questions about politics as if he’s not talking to the senior White House correspondent for a national news network.

“It’s true it’s still not a popular law but it’s also true that Mitt Romney is still a very flawed carrier of the anti-Obamacare banner,” Tapper tells Kurtz. “Because?” Kurtz chimes in before Tapper, who was clearly about to answer just that (without the prodding), could finish talking.

“…Because he passed– signed into a law– a very similar law, including…” Tapper continued, before Kurtz bleats out: “In Massachusetts…”

“In Massachusetts…” Tapper affirms.

The interview then moves on to CNN’s and FNC’s botched report on the Supreme Court’s health care ruling last week. As Tapper describes how President Barack Obama initially received the incorrect report, Kurtz jumps in to lecture, “When if [reporters] took two more minutes, you could finish reading at least the key part of [the court’s] decision and get it right…”

Next Tapper talks about a review he wrote on the new HBO series The Newsroom. “I gave a kind of a critical review of this HBO show The Newsroom…” Tapper starts. In the .0003 seconds of pause before Tapper continues, Kurtz sees his in: “Aaron Sorkin,” he says, demonstrating his knowledge of the show’s creator.

On and on it goes.

  • In the middle of Tapper describing the difference between covering Congress and the White House, Kurtz finishes the thought: “[Congressmen] all want to talk!”
  • In explaining his relationship with sources, Tapper says he’s “able to get them to return” his calls. “Sometimes!” Kurtz interjects.
  • Kurtz further explains he knows how sourcing at the White House works: “Interesting that covering the White House often involves covering people who have contact with the White House who are far away from this building.”

Watch here to learn about other things Kurtz knows.