Howie Chats

Our old friend Howard Kurtz held his weekly chat today over at He dealt with various issues including Time magazine’s price increase, Michael Kinsley’s departure from the Post and salvos traded between Michael Crichton and Michael Crowley. Some excerpts:

    A former Time subscriber: Time for a change? Seems like with a dollar increase, it’s time for a lot of change. $4.95 cents worth.

    Not sure how many people who drink Starbucks but complain about a penny or two a gallon increase in gas (“hey, I’m buying 10 gallons you know, that adds up…”) will pay five bucks for the magazine. Seems like Time’s time might be coming.

    Howard Kurtz: Well, obviously it’s less if you subscribe, as most readers do. But that doesn’t strike me as outrageously high for a good magazine in an era of $4 grande lattes.

    Say It Ain’t So, Howard!!!: No more Michael Kinsley in the Washington Post?

    Please tell The Post big wigs to find a way to make him happy ($$$$$) and keep his columns in The Post.

    Howard Kurtz: I’m afraid that train has already left the station. And yes, it will be a definite loss for The Post’s op-ed page.

    Boston, Mass.: Did you see the piece on the New Republic Website (also in print this week, I think) about Michael Crighton’s bit character, a reporter and child rapist , Mick Crowley, in his latest book?

    It’s a pretty transparent hit on Michael Crowley, who wrote at lengthy takedown of Crighton and “State of Fear” last year for TNR.

    Funny stuff. I suppose some novelists do this kind of thing frequently, but this one is so obvious ….

    Howard Kurtz: I thought it was appalling and egregious.

The entire chat can be read here.