Howie Chats

Yesterday, Howard Kurtz held his weekly chat over at, where he handled such issues as the redesign, the alleged ‘downward spiral’ of the Post’s editorial page, and changes at ABC’s The Note. Some excerpts:

    St. Louis: Mr. Kurtz, I have to be honest with you; the new Post online setup is just awful. It took me more than 15 minutes to find how to get to your discussion group, and I cannot find the other discussions/Q&As. Change is not always for the better.

    Howard Kurtz: I’m sorry to hear that. I, of course, think that anytime I’m online it should be bannered across the top of the home page. I see the people who handle the technical stuff have included a couple of links here that should help.

    Red Sox Nation: Gene Robinson ripped into The Post’s editorial page on TV last week. Are other Posties as concerned about the downward spiral on the opinion page?

    Howard Kurtz: Here’s the alleged trashing:

    CHRIS MATTHEWS: Why is The Washington Post trashing Nancy Pelosi for doing basically what Jim Baker and Lee Hamilton said to do, engage the neighborhood over there in the Middle East?

    EUGENE ROBINSON, “WASHINGTON POST”: I`m pleased to be able to tell you
    I`m not a member of editorial board, and you know, I write my columns, they do their editorials. I can tell you where I stand on it.

    Wow. That was some tongue-lashing. But even if Robinson had said, “The
    Post editorial page was embarrassingly wrong on this issue, and here’s why,” so what? Who on earth would expect every Post columnist (who as I noted cover a broad ideological spectrum) to agree with every editorial? And isn’t it better that they say what they think rather than shy away from discussing these disagreements?

    Midwest: Any comments on Mark Halperin’s departure and the changes in ABC’s The Note?

    Howard Kurtz: Mark Halperin WAS The Note. So it couldn’t survive once he stepped down as ABC’s political director. At the moment it’s just a daybook with no editorial voice. Sometimes the old Note could be spot on, and at other times it could be so wrapped up in inside-the-Gang-of-500 humor that even those of us who are arguably IN the gang had trouble deciphering it.