Howell On Post’s Political Coverage

From Post Ombudsman Deb Howell’s weekly column:

    itor, reporting to Bill Hamilton, assistant managing editor for politics, and to Susan Glasser, assistant managing editor for national news.

    The team is making changes, including the replacement of The Federal Page with In the Loop, taken from the title of Al Kamen’s longtime column. Lois Romano has a new column on Congress, and Jeffrey H. Birnbaum’s lobbying column has moved to the In the Loop page from the Business section. There’s also Washington Monday on Page A2 and The Sunday Fix by Chris Cillizza of and Shailagh Murray of the National Desk staff.

    As Hamilton points out, “This is the first phase of a very long campaign. Our goal in the past few months has been to introduce the candidates to our readers and to give some idea of what their candidacies will be about. We’ve also looked for opportunities for traditional accountability reporting — illuminating contradictions or mysteries in their records or backgrounds that would be relevant to evaluating a presidential candidate.”

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