Howard’s end: Victory, for a pittance

We’ll tell you why we think it’s appropriate to call Howard Stern a shock-jock: We’re shocked at the deal he was able to reach with CBS, especially given how strong CBS’ case was.

“Stern has regained control of his masters in so many ways. For on thing, he got his master tapes – “from the last 20 years of his terrestrial radio program in a Friday settlement of the contentious lawsuit brought by his former bosses at CBS Radio,” per the AP.

While the rest of the settlement’s details are confidential, what is known is that Sirius agreed to pay $2 million to CBS Radio in return for the rights to the original Stern broadcasts.

Which is a pittance, really. In the end, this kind of bark-worse-than-bite really reflects two realities, both of them harsh: 1) with Stern gone, terrestrial radio has a pretty bleak future. It’s clearly not going anywhere, but no one appears able to claim his throne, and it’s margins are more or less fixed and un-gorwable. 2) CBS Radio isn’t going to stay CBS Radio much longer.