Howard’s end? Nowhere in sight…

We hesitate to write about Howard Stern, only because whenever we do, mouth-breathing cretins come out of the woodwork to howl about how we a) blatantly favor Stern, or b) are clearly biased in favor of Moonves.

For the record, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about either of them. We have no lock of Les’ hair stapled to a voodoo fetish, nor (contrary to what some of you might have heard online) do we posseses a sizeable collection Stern’s toenail clippings which we keep burning in a small golden chalice of oil.


But we will say this about his recent “Late Show” rant: If Stern really is interested in having CBS get off his back, we’d submit that calling Moonves a “jerk” and “bully” on Letterman isn’t likely the best way to go about it.

Of course, that’s not what Howard is interested in – what he wants now that he’s on Sirius, is publicity, and the lawsuit is a marvelous way to get it. A $500 million contract isn’t particularly useful if the company goes belly-up. Indeed, likely Howard’s only regret is that he couldn’t sue himself for breach. Something which, apparently, is getting easier to do.