Howard Stern To Letterman: ”How About Jay Leno’s A Scab?”


Yesterday’s combative appearance of Howard Stern on Late Night with David Letterman lasted three freewheeling segments, sparing few media heavyweights. There were some tender moments. Stern mainly used the appearance to settle old media scores, sharpening his rhetorical knives on his archnemeses: Don Imus, Dr. Phil, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno.

Letterman and Stern covered many topics, insulting many — including each other on why they never clicked as friends — before landing on the thorny subject of Don Imus. Stern, to his credit, has been critical of Imus’ behind-the-scenes episodes of racial insensitivity for years. ”(Imus) was screaming the n-word in the halls (of former radio station WNBC) … but nobody listens to me,” Stern told Letterman with a touch of resignation. And of WABC, Imus’ new terrestrial radio home, Stern fired, citrically, ”they resurrected him like a mummy.”

The conversation then turned to Jay Leno, who hired his protege, ”Stuttering” John Melendez out from under Stern several years ago. ”How about Jay Leno’s a scab,” said Stern. ”(In) this writer’s strike you’re coming out like a rose,” he said to Letterman, whose Worldwide Pants production company negotiated a separate deal with the guilds, leaving Leno in a lurch.

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–On Letterman’s supposed fascination with ham radio: Stern said, ”Listen to me … a lot of serial killers are ham radio operators.”

–On Live with Regis and Kelly: ”I’m not having Regis over … I had Kelly Ripa over to my house and we had a lunch.”

On Late Show band leader Paul Shaffer: ”Come on Paul, you’ve got the best weed in town.”

Letterman-Stern video via HuffingtonPost here.

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