Howard Stern Frames SiriusXM Renewal With Fey, Sandler and Tarantino

This week's radio show guests have helped make a big week of news that much bigger.

It’s been a huge week of entertainment news on The Howard Stern Show.

Monday, Tina Fey finally revealed the identity of the SNL colleague who once called her the C-word in the trenches of 30 Rock. Today, Quentin Tarantino railed about how Disney’s heavy-handed Star Wars exhibition tactics are negatively impacting The Hateful Eight’s forthcoming imprint at Arclight Cinemas.


And Tuesday, Adam Sandler made up with his NYU days idol, smoothing over some years roiled by Stern’s persistent digs. On that program, the comedian also stated that the consistently bad reviews he receives for his movies bother him only in the sense of how they might affect the friends that he enlists for each project.

Per the above screen grab, it’s time to be bothered again. About a third of the 22 reviews tabulated at press time on Rotten Tomatoes are by “Top Critics” from major outlets. Out of that group, Christy Lemire gives Sandler’s debut Netflix opus the worst numeric score of all (0 out of 4). Her pulled RT quote: ‘You can watch The Ridiculous 6 whenever you’d like from the comfort of your own home. Lucky you.’

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