Howard Kurtz to Appear On Fox News

On his Fox News program last night Bill O’Reilly called out Howard Kurtz of CNN and The Daily Beast for allegedly misrepresenting O’Reilly’s recent criticism of NBC News.

In a segment with Fox News liberal contributor Bob Beckel last week, O’Reilly said NBC News wasn’t being critical in its coverage of the Obama administration and its drone program. This, even though it was NBC News that broke the story about the administration deeming it legal to target and kill Americans that appear to be terrorists. Kurtz pointed out the seeming contradiction on his Sunday CNN show Reliable Sources.

Referring to Kurtz as “my pal,” O’Reilly called him out for having “echoed the distortion” that he was unfairly critical of NBC News. “Are you kidding me, Howard?,” O’Reilly said. He went on to say that though NBC broke the story, none of the network’s news correspondents offered any negative analysis.

In a later segment, media critic Bernard Goldberg said he spoke with Kurtz via email and that Kurtz’s critique was… “worth considering.”

O’Reilly said Kurtz had agreed to appear on his program Wednesday this week, but seemed skeptical as to whether he would show.

“Bill O’Reilly just asked if I’m gonna show up on the Factor on Wednesday after being invited,” Kurtz tweeted last night. “The answer: hell yeah.”