Howard Kurtz: Mr. Suckup

Just when we were enjoying shaking our pom poms for The Daily Beast‘s and CNN’s Howard Kurtz, he has to go on a major ass kissing expedition of current and former bosses.

Oh, Howie, why?

Howie in a Politico piece on outgoing WaPo Style Editor Ned Martel: “One of the most difficult parts of my decision to leave the Post was giving up the opportunity to work with Ned Martel,” he said. “He is a creative, high-energy force who made me a better reporter. There are always frictions in a newsroom, but that shouldn’t detract from what this guy brought to the Style section.”

It gets worse. Now it’s his new boss’s turn for praise.

Howie in an AdWeek piece on Tina Brown: But media pundit Howard Kurtz, whom she recently hired as Washington bureau chief, got on the phone to defend her, calling Brown a “high-energy editor” whose nonstop pace can be “dizzying” but who brings a “dynamism” to the newsroom. “I think Tina has a realistic sense of how to turn this ship around with the resources she has,” he says.

Two things to glean from this. 1. Howie likes high energy. 2. He can also be counted on for a positive quote when you’re writing about his current or former boss.

As a bonus, and since we enjoy giving gifts, we’re giving Howie this Ass Kisser gum to chew for the day.