Howard Kurtz Facebook Update

Howard Kurtz added an unusually paltry four Facebook friends this week, bringing his total to 2,635. He also had seven status updates, which included:

    Howard is bleeping amazed at the whole bleeping scandal where even the first lady keeps dropping those bleeping F-bombs.

    Howard sees Don Graham has joined the Facebook board. Maybe I can get him to drop the 5000-friend limit.

    Howard is pleased that newspapers still matter enough that Rod Blagojevich would (allegedly) try to pressure one into firing staffers who had criticized him.

    Howard is contemplating life with Jay Leno at 10 pm. Is that…too early?

    Howard is bummed about the Tribune bankruptcy and wondering who’s next.

    Howard is all over the David Gregory story. What an incredible platform that show is.

    Howard is glued to the O.J. coverage. Fourteen years later, he’s finally going to prison.

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