Howard Kurtz Facebook Update

Howard Kurtz added 23 Facebook friends this week, bringing his total friend count to 2,439. He also had nine status updates, which included:

    Howard is following Obama in Indiana and getting his shoes dirty.

    Howard is on the bus again, waiting for the candidate as usual.

    Howard is out of the tent and figuring out What It All Means.

    Howard is in the Nashville media tent, awaiting the fisticuffs.

    Howard is stuck at the hotel because Obama is leaving. Plus it’s pouring in Nashville.

    Howard is debate-addicted and headed to Nashville.

    Howard is watching all the talk about Ayers and Keating Five while the stock market tanks again. Not terribly inspiring.

    Howard is wondering why no one cares about the now-convicted O.J., who will soon be banished from polite society.

    Howard is watching the debate over the Palin debate and wondering why everyone is blowing off the $700-B bailout. Too depressing?

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