Howard Kurtz Facebook Update

Howard Kurtz’s online popularity is skyrocketing, as his Facebook friends count is on the cusp of 400 and is sure to pass that milestone at any moment. He has been adding friends at an impressive clip, with 75 new additions in the last week alone.

It also seems that Howard has discovered Facebook’s ‘status’ function, which keeps readers up to date on what he is doing at that precise moment. Howard’s status updates over the last week include:

    Howard is planning to talk about Facebook on CNN–we’re talking big-time national exposure!–on Sunday’s Reliable Sources. Airs at 10 am eastern. Be there or be square.

    Howard is hoping someone posts video of Sunday’s Facebook discussion on Reliable Sources so I can share it with those who missed the show. Paging YouTube!

    Howard is passing along video of our Facebook discussion Sunday on CNN’s Reliable Sources:

    Howard is finding himself covering Larry Flynt…again.

    Howard is watching Bush get hammered on the war by the White House press corps.

If you haven’t yet made Howard you Facebook friend, you can do so by clicking here.