Howard Kurtz Facebook Update

Howard Kurtz has a larger than normal bump in Facebook-friend-adding this week, increasing 50 over last week to a grand total of 884.

He also changed his profile picture from this:


To this:


And his status updates include:

    Howard is laughing about how much attention Stephen Colbert is getting, and chuckling over his very serious exclusive interview with the man himself.

    Howard is losing his voice from conducting 16 radio interviews today. Pushing a book is hard work.

    Howard is booked on every radio show in America this week as the REALITY SHOW tour continues. Expecting a big bounce from Tucker!

    Howard is recovering from being grilled about REALITY SHOW on his own program–and vows not to do any more TV for the rest of the day.

    Howard is is ready to crash after book-plugging on the Daily Show, Scarborough, Hardball and other shows he’s already forgotten.

If you want to be like the cool kids and be friends with Howard, click here.

This tipster isn’t a fan, however:

    Can we talk about how Howie Kurtz is using Facebook to take his self-love and self-promotion to new heights? I’m a journalist too, but I don’t post every goddam article I write on my page, or update my status every four hours with some new self-aggrandizing witticism. (i.e. “Howie Kurtz is hoping no one will protest if he is invited to speak at Columbia.”) I’m seriously considering the nuclear option: Defriending him.