Howard Kurtz Calls BuzzFeed Story Clownish

In a column for The Daily Beast, media reporter Howard Kurtz included a BuzzFeed report in a wrap-up of what he says has become a “clown campaign.”

“It’s the last two weeks of a presidential campaign,” Kurtz writes, “a time for suspense, for intrigue, for plot twists and…well, a whole lot of silliness.” He goes on to chronicle a few weird developments in campaign coverage over the past several days, including… Conservative author Ann Coulter calling President Obama a “retard,” Donald Trump proposing a $5 million donation to charity if Obama releases his college transcripts and a conspiratorial report by Fox Nation that questioned whether the Obama campaign is coordinating with famed attorney Gloria Allred.

Kurtz also threw in a mention of a BuzzFeed story by McKay Coppins. The report said GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney spray tans before big public events.

“Of course, @TheDailyBeast would never publish anything so frivolous and unserious as Romney’s spray tan, right Howard Kurtz?” tweeted Coppins in response.

BuzzFeed‘s spokeswoman Ashley McCollum said they had “nothing new to add” to Kurtz’s column, that their story “speaks for itself.”

Kurtz wrote that the Fox Nation report was “a mere sideshow compared” to Coppins’ story. “Wow. If a man can’t be honest about his skin tone, how can America trust him?”