Howard Kurtz and TMZ’s Harvey Levin Have an Awkward Sunday Morning Exchange

On yesterday’s “Media Buzz with Howard Kurtz” on FOX News Channel, TMZ founder Harvey Levin joined the program to discuss his network breaking stories as it did with video of Ray Rice’s domestic violence incident leading to his indefinite suspension by the NFL.

The conversation quickly turned tense after host Kurtz asked Levin, “How does TMZ get all these scoops?” Levin then pointed out, “We’re a news operation!”

Kurtz went on to ask if breaking stories like Rice helps to change TMZ’s image of being “a raunchy tabloid operation.” Levin quickly turned it around, noting that national interest and coverage of the story resulted from TMZ’s release of the surveillance video.

“If you look at all the stories we’ve broken, they’re stories – literally – that every newscast in America has put on their air,” said Levin. “So I would take issue with the way you’re describing it, because if that’s the case you guys have been spoon-fed this stuff over at FOX News as well as everywhere else for nine years. You’ve been taking all of our stories.”