Howard Fineman Leaves Newsweek For The Huffington Post

Fineman_nwswk2huffpo_9.20.jpgNews of another big departure from Newsweek already has several outlets writing about the growth of The Huffington Post and ruminating on the expanding role of online media versus print. Howard Fineman, longtime Newsweek reporter and MSNBC news analyst, has has left the magazine to become The Huffington Post’s senior political editor. He will cover national politics for the site while continuing his work for MSNBC.

Says Fineman about the move:

The digital world is where the action is in my line of work, and The Huffington Post is at the center of the new paradigm. It’s the best and liveliest online newspaper. But the site also is something entirely new: a mix of journalism as we know (and knew it) and social-networking and crowd-sourcing — all of which are shaping the news business in unpredictable yet exciting ways. I look forward to working with the sharp and hard-working editors and reporters at HuffPost, along with their dynamic and pioneering leader, Arianna Huffington.