How Would You Feel If You Got A “Dap” On Twitter? Would You “Yay” It?

Underground startup Daps’em is getting some steam, as it now lets anyone “dap” anyone else on Twitter, kind of like giving them a fist-bump of respect. And you can “yay” a “dap” if you like it. Sound fun? Is it something you’d want to do? Or is it just a superfluous waste of time?

The idea behind Daps’em is basically a universal Facebook “Like”. You choose someone from within one of your social networks (Facebook, Twitter or email), and you “cheer them for something awesome they’ve done” by giving them a dap.

And, as The Next Web reports, Daps’em has been relatively underground – until now.

The company has unveiled a new features that enables anyone to give anyone else a dap without the recipient having to be a member of the Daps’em community. Now, you can dap Charlie Sheen or Kim Kardashian for their Twitter wit easily. Prior to this update, both parties had to be Daps’em users, which, naturally, limited the scope of who would actually use the service.

It’s clear that they’re trying to spread the word about Daps’em, as those who receive a dap will be likely to check out what it is and possibly sign up for their own account. And, as a safeguard against Daps’em spam traveling like light speed across Twitter, users can only send out 3 daps a day.

So what do you think? Would you want to give daps to show respect for people’s tweets? And would you bother to yay a dap to show that you like it?

Via The Next Web