How Well Does an eBook Sell: Warren Ellis

Comic creator, novelist, and Internet man-about-town Warren Ellis, author of the novel Crooked Little Vein, self-published a collection of miscellaneous prose this past November as both a POD print book through Lulu and a downloadable PDF. He’s just published his sales stats on his Website. The book is called Shivering Sands, and here’s how it’s doing:

So far, Ellis has sold 708 copies, 664 in POD print and 44 dowloadede PDFs. Neverminding the exact math, this is basically consistent with the general trend with eBook vs. print (though Ellis probably has a much higher percentage of eBook sales than most books), meaning basically that a lot more print copies sell than electronic ones. Of course, this is a microcosmic view, and most likely a tech-savvy audience. The book costs $15.54 for print, and $7.00 for download.

Here’s what Ellis says about the experience:

Profit has been made, but, obviously, no-one’s getting rich on those numbers. I’m far from unhappy with them–I’ve monetised old work that I wrote for free on the internets, and I’ve managed to collect a bunch of old work in a handy searchable form, too. But I think some people had unrealistic expectations of what this book was going to do.