How to Watch the Final World Cup Games Like a Proper Designer


For a more immediate summer activity, and in particular for soccer fans, if you’re planning to watch the final World Cup games this Saturday and Sunday, we refer you back to our pal Michael Surtees‘ post from near the start of the games about his extra-focused method of watching. Using a combination of a large flat screen TV, two laptops, an iPad and his phone, it’s an insanely impressive control center that allows him to be aware of every possible thing going on on the field (that’s “pitch” for you purists). Granted, for most of us it might be a touch overkill, not to mention the costs associated if you want to watch the game as closely as Michael and don’t happen to own a couple of those items, but if you do have the want and the means, you’ll likely appreciate the precise setup information he provides. Though as he warns: “A command center like this is pretty cool, though if I was having a party I’m not sure how much fun I would be,” so use at your own discretion.