How to use a video trailer to share your work with the world

If you’ve ever sat in a movie theater, you’ve undoubtedly been excited by a movie trailer that promised action, suspense, and promoted a great movie. The trailer probably highlighted the best bits of the upcoming movie or gave you just enough info that made you want to watch it once it was released.

If movie studios can use trailers to get people excited about their work, why can’t journalists?

News media like CNN and the BBC often create trailers that promote upcoming stories or projects and, despite being made for the small screen, have a cinematic air to them. BBC Sport touts its coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games with a trailer that makes curling look grand and dramatic.

The video below is from Maya Lin, designer of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial and is a tease to an upcoming project about deforestation.

The contents of a trailer are only limited by your imagination. Print media can also get in on the action by producing video trailers for print stories and posting and distributing them via video-sharing sites like YouTube.

Of course trailers aren’t limited to specific stories or projects, you can also create a trailer to highlight of some of your past work. However, unlike a traditional reel that contains one (often boring) clip after another, your video can be more dramatic and entertaining like the example below (NSFW language and imagery, but clearly awesome).

Nobody will know how awesome you are until you tell them so create a project that showcases the unique qualities of your project or talents.

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