How To Use LinkedIn’s “News Feed” To Job Hunt

Chances are, you’re more familiar with Facebook’s news feed than Linkedin’s version, dubbed “Signal,” but Signal can help you in your job hunt, says.

The gist is not complicated: from LinkedIn’s homepage, beneath the LinkedIn Today box, is a search box for all updates from your network.

From there, search as you would search Twitter for jobs (try keywords like “reporter #jobs” etc). The advantage of using LinkedIn’s search is that it combines not just Twitter feeds but also updates native to LinkedIn and even blog posts, if your network has set up their blog to post to LinkedIn. Also, search only goes back two weeks, which means posts are somewhat guaranteed to be fresh.

Once you’ve seen a job opening you’re interested in, you can apply in the usual way, or try to use LinkedIn to finagle an introduction. You can even save your search for later use to revisit it later.

Have you tried this method? Will you give it a shot?