How to Tweet While Giving a Presentation or Reading

During public readings and presentations, the reader always runs the risk of losing the audience on Twitter. Your audience could be misquoting you or posting negative comments while you write.

New York Times reporter Amy O’Leary found an ingenious solution, actually tweeting her points as she mentioned them during a presentation. The Nieman Journalism Lab has all the details and digital tools she used to perform this seemingly miraculous feat.

Check it out: “The night before the talk, O’Leary tried to configure a simple script for Apple’s Keynote that would fire a tweet as soon as a slide slid. Wrap the desired tweet inside a [twitter] tag in the presenter’s notes and voilà. But the hotel wifi was shaky and she couldn’t get it to work. (Actually, the problem was probably this.) So she pre-wrote all of her tweets and handed them off to a couple of friends in the audience, who fired off each one when the corresponding slide appeared.”