Turn Your Boss Into Your Freelance Client With These Tips

Have you always dreamed of ditching the 9-to-5 in favor of being your own boss? Want to take the freelance plunge but the fear the lack of stability? If you needed any further convincing, a McKinsey Global Institute survey found that 58 percent of employers are planning on hiring more independent contractors in the next five years. But don’t go running for the door just yet – the best way to make a smooth transition is to build up your contacts and client list. And what better place to start than your current gig? In the latest Mediabistro feature, workplace experts give tips on how to turn your current boss into a freelance client:

Demonstrate how invaluable your services have been.
“The key is to present a business case to senior management and get their approval,” said Sherri Thomas, president of Career Coaching 360 and author of The Bounce Back. “I recently had a client who… found a business problem that the company needed to solve and she focused all her efforts on becoming an expert in that area to help solve it,” Thomas explained. “Eventually, she became the only person inside the company doing the type of work she was doing. She weighed her options, decided how she could add value to the organization by becoming a contractor, presented her business case to senior leaders and they were sold.” Having already earned the confidence of upper management, you may be better positioned than a replacement colleague assigned to take over your duties because higher ups are saving time and money on training.

For more, read How To Turn Your Boss Into Your Freelance Client.

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