‘Kissed by a Cowboy’ is today’s free eBook download

kissed by a cowboy

Today’s free eBook is Kissed by a Cowboy. Written by Lacy Williams, the love story is about a high school reunion that could reignite the flames of old love:

Just shy of her thirtieth birthday, Haley Carston returns to Redbud Trails, Oklahoma, to care for her dying aunt. She thinks she’s ready for this homecoming. She’s spent years escaping her perpetual shyness and being Katie Michaels’ tag-along friend, but being back in her hometown brings back a lot of old memories, especially when she is faced with the cowboy she never forgot—Katie’s older brother, Maddox. 

Twelve years ago, Maddox Michaels was supposed to be somebody. He had everything. A football scholarship. A Division I team scouting him. Maybe even a chance at the pros. Now, he’s a burned-out cowboy working day and night to stay ahead of his brother’s medical bills and keep their family farm from going bankrupt. And trying to be a father-figure for his niece, Olivia.

When Haley and Olivia start spending time together, Maddox can’t help remembering those dreams that died alongside his sister. Will being with Haley open his heart to new dreams?

Kissed by a Cowboy is available as a free download on Amazon from 07/06/2014 to 07/21/2014. As of this writing, the book has an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 189 customer reviews. For more free eBooks, check out our 10 Websites to Download Free eBooks list, as well as our Free eBook of the Day archive, previously on Appnewser.