How to Track Venus & the Sun with a Free App

Using the VenusTransit app, you can track the once-in-a-lifetime experience of Venus passing in front of the Sun. Viewers around the world can see the event today and tomorrow.

Created by Astronomers Without Borders, the app aims to collect both data and responses to this historic event. Thanks to Maria Popova for spotting this excellent app. Check it out:

Using the timer, when you touch the phone’s screen at the moment of internal contact (when Venus appears within the Sun, just touching the Sun’s edge), the app will record the exact GPS time and your location, which then will be sent to the global database. After the transit, you can access your submitted data on map on our website, edit the entry, and upload descriptions, text, images, or movies. This way, an interactive depository of our transit experiences is created: the one place to look for results, pictures and personal stories of the 2012 transit of Venus, and a unique tool for science classes as well! At the same time, it will provide for a time capsule for our descendants to discover when the twenty-first century’s transits of Venus are taking place.