How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar

We’re all well aware of the many web tools that exist to help us make ourselves more social, efficient, effective, etc — Facebook being one of the many. Some of us use so many that managing the tools themselves often requires another utility. It’s becoming increasingly complicated, and as a solution, Inside Facebook recently discussed syncing Twitter and Facebook status updates for all those who want to sync their updates on both sites.

Well, for those out there who use Google and Facebook to manage events and calendaring, here’s another how-to that might not only make your busy lives a little less complicated, but will relieve you of the pain of having to keep up between multiple calendars.

How to Sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar

1) After you log into Facebook, click on “Events” in the right-hand panel.

2) Then click on “Export Events” and copy the URL (which you will use later). Make sure you keep the address of the URL to yourself, lest everyone have access to your Facebook events…

3) Log into Google Calendar and choose “Add” under “Other calendars.” Then choose “Add by URL”

4) Paste the URL you copied from Facebook and click “Add”

Voila, you’re done! Your Google calendar will now update automatically every time you accept or decline an event in Facebook.

Enjoy being even more organized!