How To Stop Companies from Tracking Your Online Activity

Do you know how many companies are tracking your online activity right now?

If you want to stop these companies from tracking your clicks, you can download the free Do Not Track Plus app for your browser. So far, over one million people have downloaded Abine’s program to prevent advertisers and data companies from monitoring their activities. The app can block over 600 different kinds of trackers and works on Mac or PC browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Check it out: “DNT+ is a simple yet effective browser tool that blocks the tracking capabilities of advertisers, social networks, and data-collection companies. DNT+ helps you restore your online privacy and regain control over who sees what you are doing online, stop annoying pop up ads and other targeted advertising, and load certain websites up to 4 times faster … When you visit a website, that site tells your browser to contact all sorts of other companies to get information about what you do and who you are. DNT+ stops that data collection from happening by preventing your browser from communicating with these companies.”