How To Start Your Own PR Agency (And Get People To Work For You)

Let’s say you want to start your own PR shop, and that you want it to be bigger than just you.

How the heck do you get people to work for you and respect you?

Gini Dietrich writes about the transition to entrepreneur.

To start with: everyone’s going to be tightening their belt at the beginning.

“I thought I had to start Arment Dietrich with the same (what I know now are) luxuries I had at the big agencies. The people I hired had full benefits, paid for by the company. They were vested in their 401K programs. They had holidays and personal leave and time off galore.”

That’s expensive, and can come later. To start, remember that people are excited by startups, she says. “I’m always surprised at what people will do when they believe in you and your vision. Give them phantom stock. Talk about what things will be like when you make it. Take care of them along the way. And your big company luxuries don’t have to be there to entice people to join you.”

But along the same vein, roll up your sleeves. Just because your business card now says “Owner” doesn’t mean you’re too good to make coffee or take out the trash. “This will go against everything you learned on your journey up the ladder, but if you shut yourself off, your turnover will be high, morale will be low, and no one will continue to be excited to help you achieve your vision.”

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