Unsure Of How To Spell That Word? Tweet It Here For Help

Face it, you’re not the best speller. Or maybe you WERE, but too much ‘text speak’ has turned your brain to mush. It has gotten so bad, in fact, that even Twitter’s spelling correction feature (on searches) isn’t enough for you to get by.

And you’re about to send a tweet to someone but aren’t sure of how to spell a particular word and don’t want to be embarrassed. What can you do?!

There’s a handy account on Twitter that can help you.

@_Spell will tell you a word’s correct spelling. All you need to do is tweet the word to it! And even if you don’t @mention the account and just add (sp?) after the word in question, it will (most likely) pick it up and reply with an answer. How? It’s a handy little bot that scans Twitter for your spelling questions.

It’s correct more time than it’s not, it seems:

Though not perfect:

And people get a kick out of it:

And if you want to know the definition of a word, you can try tweeting it to @_Define – but that bot seems a little buggy right now:

(Image from @_spell on Twitter)