How to Sell Out Friends and Make Enemies on Twitter

I love the fact that every Joe Blow can make a buck on the Web.

I hate the fact that every Joe Blow can make a buck on the Web.

Whenever there’s a good idea on the Internet, the money-making angle trails directly behind. Such is the case with TwittAd, a Web site that allows you to convert your followers into cold, hard cash.With just a few clicks, you tell TwitAd your handle, number of followers, and how much you’re willing to sell your soul for. They will then match you with advertisers who are willing to place their ad on the now vacant left-hand column of your Twitter page. This message will appear on every Twitter-related page you’re affiliated with.

As of this post, the ads are relatively clean and do not add too much clutter to your page. Of course, it also depends on what type of background you are using on your Twitter account. How long until someone starts selling the background (if they’re not already!).

We’ve already seen RocketBoom founder Andrew Baron attempt to auction off his Twitter account earlier this year. A move that made him look pretty bad but was a pretty successful PR campaign as far as headline grabs.

As someone who rarely visits anyone’s Twiter page (why would I with so many RSS options?), I’m not sure if TwitAds will be successful. I’m kind of curious to give it a try, but it’ll take a lot more than 60 followers for me to sell out!