How-To Selfieokies: Karaoke Music Videos for the Socially Musical

Today, we’re sharing a how-to video from Snapverse, a social music video app that focuses on building a community for sound-lovers to sound-off with personal musicvideos. The social music app is like a giant karaoke party, but it’s less harmless with pure lip-syncing, the kind that’s more than just a drunken melody. If you think you’ve got the chomps, check out this video below on how to create your own selfieokie.

Getting started is easy:
Just select your song, shoot your video or upload from your phone library, and share! With the start and stop video recording option, you are always sure to get the perfect shots – the music plays in sync to make your footage look its best.

A truly unique way to communicate within the app. Record your own responses to snaps, or if you need some inspiration, we also offer a library of Snapbacks created for your use!

Impress your friends and family with Selfieoke:
Record yourself singing along with top hits and create amazing karaoke snaps. Think of it as your own personal karaoke studio on your phone!

Post your snaps for your friends on Facebook and Twitter, or send it through email.