How to Remember a Colleague’s Name

nametagHave you ever gotten a case of the I-just-met-you-and-I-have-no-idea-what-your-name-is blues? No worries there, it’s impacted us, too.

You’ve just been introduced to someone and less than three minutes later, his or her name escapes you.

Well, according to today’s New York Post there are a few ways to cure this common ailment.In the piece, Gregory Giangrande points out:

“Commit to being more attentive at the next function. One great tip is to repeat the person’s name when you are introduced, and then use his or her name in the conversation to sear it into your brain. But don’t take this too far; otherwise, you’ll sound like a used-car salesman: ‘Hey Greg, nice tie, Greg.'”

The human resources executive advises to make a conscious decision to listen more closely. We see this almost like a muscle we need to flex a little bit more. The more we use it, the stronger we get, the more adept we become at easily remembering someone’s name.