How To Read On A Web Browser On Google’s New eReader

Google’s Story HD eReader went on sale at Target this past Saturday. The $139 eReader is aimed at competing directly with the Kindle by allowing users to buy eBooks from its open platform eBookstore. Still, if you want to get out of Google’s eBookstore and browse the web, there is a way of doing so.

The Digital Reader explains how: “My trick involves first entering the Google eBookstore, then going to the Help pages. When you’re on the first Help page, look at the links across the top. The one labeled Books will take you to, and that is one of Google’s home pages. You can jump from to by clicking on the ‘Web’ link at the top. And once you’re on Google’s home page, you can search for a site and go just about anywhere.”

Sites like, which formats webpages for the Kindle, will help you format your eReading experience for the device.