How to Read iBooks on Your Computer

While the spot light at Apple’s press conference this week was definitely on the iPad Air, one cool feature that you  might have overlooked was the release of iBooks for desktop computers. It’s really simple to install. You just have to go to the Mac App store and download the free OS X Mavericks software update and iBooks will be there for you right on your desktop.

This means that you can shop for eBooks from Apple using your desktop computer and that you can also read on your computer. The release, which is part of a free OS X software update, also means that these books can feature interactive content such as videos and audio. When you engage a video in one of these books within the Mac App, it pops out into a larger window.

You can also have more than one book open at a time, which can be helpful for students or authors doing background research. You can jump between these multiple titles even while you are using other apps. And any of your reading behavior is synced using iCloud. So if you start reading an essay at your desk on your computer, you can pick up where you left off in your iPhone app later that day.