How to Read eBooks on the HP TouchPad

If you spent any time online this past weekend then you probably know about the clearance sales for the HP TouchPad. (HP decided late on Friday night that it was going to sell off the remaining stock of the TouchPad for $99 and $149.)

Yes, that is a ridiculously great price, but what could you do with it if you bought one? A tablet without apps makes a really good coaster. Or Frisbee. )Or you could use it as a digital mirror, which you have to admit would be fun.)

Mine hasn’t arrived yet, so I cannot discuss all of its abilities. But I can give you 1 or 2 useful bits of info on how you can read eBooks on the TouchPad.

First, the TouchPad ships with Adobe Reader, and that means you can use it for PDFs. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

You can also download and install the Kindle app. You’ll find it in the App Catalog on the TouchPad. But be careful with it; the hacking community is still trying to get it to open non-Amazon Kindle eBooks and the app doesn’t want to cooperate.

There doesn’t appear to be a reading app that supports DRM encumbered Epub, but there is an app that will support Epub, eReader, Kindle (DRM-free), and PalmDOC.  It’s called pReader, and I’m told that you can find it in the App Catalog. But if you cannot see the app in the TP App Catalog then you can also try a homebrew version which you can find here.

I bet that this isn’t all the apps available, but I would hope that the above post is enough to help you make up your mind on whether you will buy the TouchPad in order to read on it.