How to Protect Yourself From Skype Viruses

Seams like Skype users lately is experiencing massive virus activity and also I have received potentially dangerous messages with suspicious links from Skype. That’s the reason why I decided to warn you – my blog readers, about Skype viruses, worms, Trojans and other dangerous shit and to give you some tips to avoid problems using Skype.

Skype dark logo

Actually I trust Skype and believe that you can get in trouble only if you don’t pay enough attention what are you downloading and what links are you clicking at Skype. I haven’t heard that Skype have any serious problems with the security without help of the user itself. So it means that you can avoid all these problems by using Skype carefully and paying more attention to security.

1. Don’t click on links sent by unknown contacts.

I have received messages from unknown people that isn’t even in my contacts with suspicious links inside the message – don’t click on them unless you don’t want to get some “creature” in your computer.

2. Ask your friends for confirmation of suspicious links they sent.

Some Skype worms is sending the same link to all contacts from victims Skype account so you can get infected by receiving message and opening link from your friends message.

3. Don’t download any suspicious file from unknown senders and without confirmation.

Most of viruses will work only if you download them – be carefully with downloading files through Skype.

I hope this information will prevent you from any Skype viruses and will make Skype usage more secure for you and your friends.